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Car design

2 year of experience working as an Exterior and Interior Car Designer. When designing I focus on the user experience, functionality, state of art  technology and ambiental awareness through an attractive design that respects the brand identity.

Product design

Development of projects from scratch to production taking into account all the intermediate steps. Development of alternatives, choice of materials and production technology, generation of CAD models, prototyping and production.

Graphic and Web

More than 2 years of experience working in both fields since it is impossible to make an attractive website without designing the graphic content such as (cards, branding, logos, banners, flyers, etc.) applied to the website through WordPress and DIVI.

3D Modeling

Is the tools that I most use to give life to the designs, to make prototypes and create documentation. I offer this service for those who have already developed a product but need to visualize it in 3 dimensions through renders.

Daniel Moreno

Industrial designer

I am passionate about creating products and devices that provide improvements and if possible, make an ecological contribution. «We must leave the world better than we found it.»

Although an immense passion for automobiles comes from within me, I also like to face all kinds of projects and any kind of product.

If you have any product in mind, no matter how crazy it may seem, do not hesitate to contact me.


Crypto Motor Challenge

Crypto Motor Challenge

Daniel Contests Moved on to the second phase of the Crypto Motors Challenge 2019. In this stage all the selected participants have to improve their ideas and show a minimum of 3 renders whithout 3D modeling. In this challenge we had to creat a futuristic car for it...



In this videotutorial we are going to learn the basics to draw cars, and more important to know how to draw your own car designs. The first things we have to know are how perspective works to be able to draw good sketches and we have to create great proportions to be...

How to understand car proportions

How to understand car proportions

Here I will show you how we can understand car,s proportions whith an old technique. In this videotutorial I will show how we can use the wheels to build a box with the accurate proportions. This is a very easy and fast technique that can be used in any type of cars,...



If you have a general design concern, send me a message so we can arrange a meeting



Actualmente en Varna, Bulgaria


España: +34 661 190 408

Bulgaria: +359 889 686 990

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