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About me!

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 2, 1987, but a few years later my parents decided to move to Miramar to give my 2 brothers and I a better life. It was there, in Miramar, where I finished High School and obtained my English diploma.

In 2007, there were no universities with transportation design in Argentina, so when I was only 17 years old I went to live in Mar del Plata to study Industrial Design at the U.N.M.d.P. (National University of Mar del Plata), since it was the closest thing. In the 2 nd year I found out about a transport design course that was taught in person in Buenos Aires, just 500 km away. During the next 2 years I traveled every weekend to attend the course in Buenos Aires and returned directly to Mar del Plata to go directly to class.

During my degree, I started working freelance for small SMEs and entrepreneurial projects in the area, I was a finalist in 3 editions of the INNOVAR National contest and even created my own Bad Sheep brand, in which I created, developed and marketed an innovative product related to skateboarding.

In 2017 I finished my degree in Industrial Designer, and with a degree in hand I went to try my luck in Europe. The beginnings abroad are not easy and for different reasons I ended up in Mallorca, Spain. A place with little industrial design, but after a few months I was already working for TeixWeb, a Graphic and Web design studio that also has an area for ​​product development, video games, virtual reality, etc. for local businesses. (2 years)

Throughout my career, I never abandoned my passion for cars, and that’s why today I have a complete portfolio that I have been putting together over the years, with personal projects and projects made for third parties.

Currently I work 50% freelance and offer the knowledge that I have perfected over 10 years of work in various areas of Design. That’s why I offer 4 freelance services: Car Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design and 3D Design.


Featured Works

Interior and exterior Car design

Designing electric cars, go kartings and products on wheels.

Car design

Electric hypercar Interior and Exterior design.

Teix Web

2018 – 2019

Web design

Frontend and code design for old and new websites. Work with DIVI and WordPress

Game modeller

Content designer for videogames. 3D Modeller with Blender and Rhinoceros.

Teix Web

2018 – 2019

Graphic design

Graphic content for websites, shops and stationery. Brand identity and static and dynamic banners.

Colmena car


Car design

Responsible for the overall design of the car. It is a two-seater with central engine assembled on a tubular chassis and fiberglass body.

Bad Sheep

2015 – 2017

Head Product designer

Innovative skate shoe and accessories brand. We use new materials and create new functions to increase the resistance and the usage of the shoes.



Product designer

Furniture design and production for exclusive clients.



2017 – Industrial design

Industrial Designer with Product Design expertise at the Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata,


2009 – Car design

2 years cours of Automotive Design at Denari Advanced Design, Buenos Aires, Argentina

C.E.I English institute.


Cambridge (B2) certification.

Saint Exupery school.


Bachiller education