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Moved on to the second phase of the Crypto Motors Challenge 2019.

In this stage all the selected participants have to improve their ideas and show a minimum of 3 renders whithout 3D modeling. In this challenge we had to creat a futuristic car for it own futuristic game. It had to has space for two occupants and 4 wheels. And the winner is going to be built, to be able to use it in the game.

But before going into detail, let know more about CryptoMotors.

CryptoMotors is

a new concept, a digital automaker powered by the Ethereum blockchain. It is a platform that grants access to the user community to join the creation of digital vehicles, as well as to collect, use and trade these. The challenge is to rethink the way we create and enjoy cars.

By giving the opportunity to partake in the development process and creating an open reward system, professionals and enthusiasts alike can design in a world without limits for creation

Every vehicle created in the platform is a unique and special craft made crypto collectible with full ownership rights thanks to the non-fungible token called ERC-721. No one will be able to destroy or take your vehicle away.

CryptoMotors believes in bringing the highest quality and standards of the automotive design industry together with the latest VR, AR, and Blockchain technology. The results are vehicles that users are pleased to own, collect and be entertained with.

CryptoMotors challenge


Every single vehicle is created with the highest standards in the automotive industry. The difference of CryptoMotors is that on the one hand it gives access to the user community to participate in the design process and on the other hand it rewards passionate designers who engage actively in the development of these unique vehicles.

Crypto Motors

The Challenge:

The story takes place in a future world where owning and racing cars has become impossible. However, the sheer desire to drive and enjoy cars has not vanished. Every night a selected few puts on their VR glasses to enter the virtual world as an avatar, racing for glory and earning money.

CryptoMotors first design challenge is rewarding the top 5 design entries. The winner will get the amazing opportunity of having our professional modeling team transforming the design into a 3D modeled car. The car will be modeled in Autodesk Alias.⁣⁣

The winning designer will also receive a 10% commission of each car sold on our platform associated with the initial design idea. As a part of the prize, the winner will receive one CryptoMotors collectible associated with his design idea.⁣⁣

Each of the top 5 participants of the design challenge who made it to the second stage will be entitled of one CryptoMotors collectible associated to the winning design.⁣⁣

The design: