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Bad Sheep 

AF Argen is the perfect balance betwen tradition, technology and function. His design combines the Sport Prototype´s perfect proportions with state-of-the-art technology and functionality, in order to improve the user experience.


The proportions remind us of the famous category of Sports Prototypes of the 60s and 70s of Argentina. Where the Huayra, the Liebre, the Trueno Naranja, the Porsche 917’s and the McLarens, among other, became stars for their excellence and perfect use of materials, aerodynamics, weight and proportions.


Tecnology in order to improve the performance and the user experience. Tubular chassis with berglass body to lower the weight and make the most of the engine, to achieve a good balance between benets and costs. In order to improve his capabilities inside the city, it has a mechanism that alow to open the doors without increassin the volume of the car, so that you can park anywhere. The car use the same mechanism to open and close the cameras witch substitute the mirrors.


The Argen shows that a supercar can also be a good car for everyday life. We have taken technology to create new user experiences. The interior of the AF Argen gives you the opportunity to change it as you change the background of your phone. We also think that the co-pilot must have his own dashboard completely independent of the driver. We allow you to change the intirior with a single click. So, AF Argen is Eco-Friendly because it reduces materials when users want to update their cars.

Good design lies in the details

Inside of the mechanism that it is used to open the doors, there is another one that works as a latch, and at the same time it open and close the cameras.

The latch has a screen that recognizes the driver’s ngerprints. When the driver touches the screen, it turns on and lets you open the door. After turning o the engine, the entire system hides inside the door.

While we drive the car, the camera is up, to be able to record the road. At more than 160 km/h, the cameras also act like ailerons, so they can move up or down to increase the aerodynamic behavior of the car.